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Youre a stan haha
Sat Apr 21, 2018 3:52pm

And still no songs ... i aint interested in your poetry and sonnets

Record something

And keep hittin play my stats r flyin today hahaha

  • FACTS | B.G.A., Sat Apr 21 3:02pm
    Put the BARS up you British cock juggler.... Yo... Simply pathetic, them audios dont give you no credit... Ironic, they send the message, you should GIVE UP the effort... You thinkin Im being... more
    • UNDENIABLE... | B.G.A., Sat Apr 21 3:25pm
      Dont talk shit answer the questions in question cocksucka...word we holdin court today straight bars ALL FACTS...no insults dunny ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, If you poppin like you say why you been postin... more
      • Re: UNDENIABLE... | Anonymous, Sat Apr 21 3:59pm
        How have i said im poppin? I said i make money from my music? And thats true i get paid to perform live shows I tend to come back here to check it out cos i started out on ell oh crew way back in... more
        • You been postin links before ya leg broke | B.G.A., Sat Apr 21 4:14pm
          Dunny once again THE SEARCH FAR and yes I will go to the extreme and SON a nigga to prove my point, YOU A BUM, a dellusional liar, son f*** a audio, I wouldnt waste the studio time dun, mention I... more
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