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You been postin links before ya leg broke
Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:14pm

Dunny once again THE SEARCH FAR and yes I will go to the extreme and SON a nigga to prove my point, YOU A BUM, a dellusional liar, son f*** a audio, I wouldnt waste the studio time dun, mention I said STUDIO TIME not recording tracks off the laptop while you mix and master them suicide letters yourself, quality shitty, bars shitty, just a shitty situation,

You gotta problem move somethin son, You better? BEAT what I just said and Imma take it to let some people judge along with your trash ass music dun, we from America we dont ... with the weird shit bloke


  • Re: UNDENIABLE... | Anonymous, Sat Apr 21 3:59pm
    How have i said im poppin? I said i make money from my music? And thats true i get paid to perform live shows I tend to come back here to check it out cos i started out on ell oh crew way back in... more
    • You been postin links before ya leg broke | B.G.A., Sat Apr 21 4:14pm
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