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Its been less than a year n i cant say its new?
Sun Apr 22, 2018 1:12am


Dorky little gimp

  • Yea when i first released my mixtape | Anonymous, Sun Apr 22 1:04am
    Stalkin ass nonce with ya non rappin ass Peace out rat boy
    • Look at you, lying and mad | B.G.A., Sun Apr 22 5:49am
      It aint a mixtape its a collections of trash you accumulated over the years...not your test runs you decided to record and put together byrd ass nigga...you been droppin links to every song youve... more
    • Its been less than a year n i cant say its new? | Anonymous, Sun Apr 22 1:12am
      • If thats the case | B.G.A., Sun Apr 22 5:41am
        And ya mixtape is new, why you been posting links since 2014 JtR?...dont make me expose you some more just be a bitch and bow down
        • Re: If thats the case | Anonymous, Sun Apr 22 6:46am
          Haha like im tryin to hide something? Ur so woeful its pathetic Ive been here since about 2002 ... i tend to comeback and post stuff when i get chance i never denied that ... i said im here clowning... more
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