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You tried to dickride the flo
Sun Apr 22, 2018 5:29am

But it was a no go...yous a homo..
For SEVEN PLUS YEARS dropped links and NO GO

  • Broke Garbage Animal | JRhymer, Sun Apr 22 1:43am
    This is for the deaf mute that cant rhyme... Mad at me i guess cos im only here part time... Searchin my name while nursin his frame... Like "everyones gone i wanna be king" all u do is ...in... more
    • You tried to dickride the flo | B.G.A., Sun Apr 22 5:29am
      • U mad u whack? (nm) | JRhymer, Sun Apr 22 6:47am
        • Im so wack | B.G.A., Sun Apr 22 7:57pm
          But you biting my style dickhead...clear as day 😂😂😂😂 Im glad I inspired you but take my dick out ya mouth, thats for ya sister, and the next time you wanna use my shit ... more
          • Your Style? | Anonymous, Mon Apr 23 1:21am
            You havent recorded one song U dont have style or flow You have written lines not bars just lines ... like detention... Bitin your style come on moron
            • How does it feel | B.G.A., Mon Apr 23 1:26am
              To hold my dick in public ALMIGHTY
              • U really are homo aint ya? | Anonymous, Mon Apr 23 1:31am
                All these closeted gay jokes Got me thinkin u really are uncomfortable in ya own skin... And you wack as .... ...in TEXTcee 😂😂😂
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