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Look at you, lying and mad
Sun Apr 22, 2018 5:49am

It aint a mixtape its a collections of trash you accumulated over the years...not your test runs you decided to record and put together byrd ass nigga...you been droppin links to every song youve shared now since 2014 and before, cut the bullshit pussy...

You dont have a mixtape, you have a collection of bogus songs with poor quality, poor bars, poor everything...

Let my dick breathe cock blower....you aint built for the top shelf niggas...


  • Yea when i first released my mixtape | Anonymous, Sun Apr 22 1:04am
    Stalkin ass nonce with ya non rappin ass Peace out rat boy
    • Look at you, lying and mad | B.G.A., Sun Apr 22 5:49am
    • Hahaha Dorky little gimp
      • If thats the case | B.G.A., Sun Apr 22 5:41am
        And ya mixtape is new, why you been posting links since 2014 JtR?...dont make me expose you some more just be a bitch and bow down
        • Re: If thats the case | Anonymous, Sun Apr 22 6:46am
          Haha like im tryin to hide something? Ur so woeful its pathetic Ive been here since about 2002 ... i tend to comeback and post stuff when i get chance i never denied that ... i said im here clowning... more
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