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Just something different
Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:03am

If You dont care whats in the air n what they feed us
But what a gassed up half gay celebrity tweeted
Got you outraged like a weeping jesus
Then your part of the problem like reepin cheese with treatable diseases

And makin it illegal to really look for a cure
Medicine divorced morality n she took with a porsche
N i aint ...in with yall, im cuttin you off
cos Im cut from a cloth, that ur just ...in not

Even if luck had a shot, u aint touchin the top
Thats comin up short or ...in dwarves
u was trapped in the box, that i just had to torch
Cos the Industry toffs had to ... with the locks,

radio-tv - its off of the porch
That message aint real, it ...s with your thoughts
Keeps you stuck on a course, like trust in ya boss
Who gone fire you first when cutting the costs

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