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=CrUkX=M.Dub aka CuJo *E.O.C C.E.O
.....Arms too Short.....
Sun Apr 22, 2018 9:42am

Beat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZPUPVV7oPY


Don't start to dance as I show the Cannon Class!
Nothing Funny bout these iz jus real Hammer Pants!
Have you Gaspin fast when I-SHOW reading Alphabets!
Me just Kiddin! Dogs you ain't workin with the Fitted...
Like Masks in the Jects!
To take this Castle step take drastic breaths
You Three get Brushed off like an Art Intellect!
All of sudden one of you started ac'in Suspect?
I got one DEEP IN THE TRE. like a Glass on a Jet!
Can't talk this Money cus your Bands start to sweat!
Jam goes every Tech! I'm like Nique Swingin at the Peak!
Bitch I need to hear you sing...
Two of them good the third do it for anything!
In '06 my coins had a heavy swing since then E.O.C C.E.O noticing police....
I guess FATSO ain't UNION no more He out there On his own!
I'm tough as a Nail you No-Shows!
You like lemme Show you what to do to Cha-Nel like Coco!
I Blew the Penn off your Hand when you Wrote Home!
Broke your Fcukin Back Board n' Circled like a Megaladon!
Give a fcukin about you Splittin with your Personality...
On ELLOH your Whole Character Gone!
Fcuk you gon do Hand on your Sword when the Fire of the Sun...
Eye you Stranded Alone?!
Its like when P.O.Dub went against the Tru-Hearts...
You not gettin Sonned you gettin CHORA-SONNED!
Switch your channel of Thought before I Bang on ur Idiot Box!
Mister Stay that CU-JO cus TOP FIVE Finish what he START!
I'm the Type to BLACK OUT n send you to the Dark!
Its Red when I bark Mister RED-WOOD lookin at Three little PLants!
N' JACK don't play for Dirty Kicks cus I will put the Steam in that SOCK! (Stupid)
Wheres the heal to the heart that kneeled to the Arch? (None)
I could battle you till your audios don't need you, WHAAAT?!
N' if you think Suicide funny the Vice Grip jus for mah Shorty Curly....
I'm the type to kill the snooze alarm n' OPEN THE BLIND...EARLY!
Mattafact I can tell your squad a bunch of LOUIS'S like Nelly!
When I come around lookin for you they so scared to speak they like....
S-NO-MAN like Yetti!
You better Hang up the "Trash-can" like a Basketball fan!
A'ccin like ChuKnosMe, Mister-fan-got-a-chance...
Imma send you back to the Nose Bleeds like Artest did the Camera Man!
Your candles will stop but its like the Season ever seen Summer-Jam?
And since you like spamming with Garbage talk.....

.....I guess its RUN WHILE YOU CAN!.........

......Mister DUB.......


.....YO ELLOH WADDUP!......


    • Trashcan Talk | B.G.A., Sun Apr 22 7:47pm
      Yo like wtf Im posed to do or say about this heap of shit you tried to throw at The God?... Clear body on the Trashcan
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