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Holy christ on a cracker
Mon Apr 23, 2018 1:23am

This shit is horrible...Yo and you said you from Harlem?...where son?😂😂😂 ... outta here son you from Rochester up state with that bullshit dunny WORD 😂😂😂

Keep ya lid closed on ya trashcan, you littering the streets with garbage...


  • ....(AUDIO ADIOS 4 YOU WACK HOES) | =CrUkX=M.Dub aka CuJo *HOOVES*, Sun Apr 22 2:48pm
    ....this for PIGGY FATSO Since Smash the only hommie he need besides God.... ....fcuk problem with you TYLE is you never marble homes....do something original...at least try dieing for a DIET....... more
    • Holy christ on a cracker | B.G.A., Mon Apr 23 1:23am
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