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=CrUkX=M.Dub aka CuJo *HOOVES*
Sun May 20, 2018 10:52am

Beat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yh23wwHW7dc

......You wonder still?......

.......Serator Infinite......

......See I haven't even begun to sink my teeth in on ELLOH, ya dig.....



Look, Home of the CrUkX!.......

I get Swag-on baggy pants fitteds of Champions
The tee just drag on wherever the smoke have hands-on! (chyea dug!)
ya'll cramped palms just don't belong!
I'm BIG, like shark teeth sinking on the word infinite
Like the eyes of PAC and the appetite of Notorious,
Stiff how competition gets when I let loose Billions
Can not F with! for a hungry Population getting Biscuits
theres a Hungry Population getting Biscuits!
Can't fathom seeing Africa split into two continents
Or if the word ballistic is what brings out the earth n'
it's underground specimens!
express your mint, words belonging to that cologne in the wind
chest of the treasured weapons of a higher priority!
Lesson spend!
I guess we in a new taker zone, higher rates for those of you who don't belong
so long, bye bye, don't cry child, Pappo rings with new ammo!
Black Diamond!
You can call Dub Mister exclusive means don't touch anything too expensive!
where are the manners, the grammar, life long shelved up n still look for mamma?
Whatchu you don't know will hurt you!
In this wide ocean only sharks have authority to keep scopin
send a body in the trunk n' we invite the blood into those gills
your nose filled, your hands shake, your haven't had a shower, and you have to wait!
The outlines of those that can't make!
I suggest you sit back, relax and let the channel undress
your sex as I pull back the oxygen from your cockroaches!
you can go through history dunny?
B.G.A? Suave? Papi? Bulleprewf? whoever, how-ever, ITS TOO BLOODY!

.......La La LA Laa Laa.......

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