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You might as well
Thu May 31, 2018 4:07pm

Start writing in Braille dun 😂😂 Word, you only know what you saying like GhostFace and Chef, talk right to me cockblower its your father standin in front on you, dont make me fxck ya moms, get her hopes up and leave the bitch again, or promise you Im coming over to pick you up and you leave you crying on the front porch Son....

South Park?...Ayo you more of a herb than I thought you was Dun, you out in Buffalo trying to claim The Town fxckin up a real nigga lingo, Word to my son you one nigga who aint contemplated suicide enough times....

You should REALLY reconsider..



  • ....All tighty hush!... | =CrUkX=M.Dub aka CuJo **ELLOH***, Thu May 31 12:58am
    ....yo girlie boy why don't you....hmmmm.....run around in a circle and see that you're ass? .....sound like kartman with the rampant need for a mouth diaper son word.... lol BIG GAY ASSHOLE AKA THE... more
    • You might as well | B.G.A. YOUR MOTHERS FAVORITE RE, Thu May 31 4:07pm
      • ....This Smelly ....... | =CrUkX=M.Dub aka CuJo **ELLOH***, Fri Jun 1 2:47am
        .....Son stop sending threats over or I'll make you eat butt hair n' make family proud dummy..... ....Yo dogg who are you???.....why you talkin so much, why?....I know every street got a garbage can... more
        • Pipe down Dumpster | B.G.A., Fri Jun 1 11:59am
          Before I knock yo father out for not aiming for the sheets instead of ya moms skunkbox Word, you feeling froggy leap tadpole, you know how the natural order go, come find your place in the food chain ... more
          • ...eight yet?....hahahahahahaha.... | =CrUkX=M.Dub aka CuJo **ELLOH***, Fri Jun 1 10:39pm
            ....Dogg I know you notice me from the nose bleeds but damn just cus I like Allen Iverson don't mean I start running into the locker room and steal his game jersey.... .....and if that ain't get me... more
            • Clearly it was a typo | B.G.A., Sun Jun 3 2:05am
              Just like the error your mother made instead of turnin you to mayonaisse, I read nothing but the bottom line and yes Im just like your sister, still a bitch but you cant get rid of me, cough up some... more
              • ....You said you just like my sister?.... | =CrUkX=M.Dub aka CuJo **ELLOH***, Mon Jun 4 1:34am
                ....Big Sissy why don't you take your computer and pawn it for diapers dummy..... ....I'm this I'm that.....you look in the mirror and the mirror looked back..... ....talking about perpetual failure... more
                • Got him tight 😂😂😂😂😂 | B.G.A., Mon Jun 4 1:54pm
                  Yo you mad funny dun, its like watching a retarded baby take steps for the first time Word.... Find a word that rhymes with Perpetual READY??? GO ... YOURSELF, 😂😂😂😂 yo ... more
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