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=CrUkX=M.Dub aka CuJo **ELLOH***
.....Take Sh*T......
Sun Jun 17, 2018 9:49am

Beat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgHwTnwlOTA

.....You Kno Big gotta ride Thorough.....

.....It Just wouldn't be Decent.......



Smoke screens I type through to light you
Clickin Spirits till 5 five fade n we in a Geist Room!
We Heist loot while you Side arm that Dyke that jus....
Ain't in the mood....
I Liqour Once she get Nice soon!
You talk the way Mice move - I'm Howlin at the Moon!
The Barrel like the Tunnel - LOT move in a tight shoe!
(Ya Dig!)
I spit like the Five in Jada's Rib - Heart! your Eyes Glued!
You fcukin Rappers! Candy ass Immitate till you give it backwards
Count your lucky stars cus once its SUN-DAY there goes your Chances
Have you BLAMED for Outlandish Dances Midst these Traditional Bastards!
Hammer, Hammer, Pant Shit!
You Stamina can't Outlast this....
You Two-Eighteen I'm Nine-Eight
Straight Blast-it out that Stretch Jacket!
Side Arm spittin too crooked way niggas get spinnin
One minute they with it then the long arm come....
and they turn Mis-Fit!
Look Dummy this ain't some CrUkX BE ON YOUR FUNNY
I got this ALL Day quote 50 "bitch Watch 2 much T.V."
Got the whole Blcok with it, They squash a Midget
Got rocks at the tip of the Fitted I'm too Hot to F With it!
Education Stop your Lessons! Cus once they Graduate....
Shut your lips you stupid roaches talkin some
don't walk in with one and walk out hanging like Jordan!
Mos of ya'll Borin! Hearing me call shots like a Squadron
Have you dummies tappin on this DEF so much....
They actually Morsed my Gift!
You appaulin, don't care if you on the block
Chorasonnin dough - I wear off your top!
Never catch A LAZY I - starin off at the drop!
Nash Nigga/......

........ITS DUB!..........


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