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Smashone The God
Fully Rotten
Sun Aug 5, 2018 11:51am

If a blickie can talk it might say I don't wanna go pop//
shit for my yen a true artist might say the same.
What a drag it is not to drag this ox down the face of ahk//
and capture that cinematic shot of pain.
Let my name get uttered with the squalor and peons//
and even if I lost my strips I'll rain hell fire on every block till I got them corners back like Deion.
Boatloads of swammys on deck you come thru we light cars//
swim till ya neck covered in a shower of shells, tay roc voice, that's light bars!

HORSEPOWER still in effect.

Oh how can I forget...Soul Of A Don Vol 1 will be out soon...check for that...tell a friend to tell a friend ya dig

  • ....Rott..... | =CrUkX=M.Dub aka CuJo *E.O.C C.E.O, Mon Jul 30 10:13pm
    Wants of a Superstar spot the Ruler in a Car She spread like the glove compartment, Ha! That wood grain spotted like her shoe game The Sound system open up like a new day!
    • Fully Rotten | Smashone The God, Sun Aug 5 11:51am
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