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Ki End Killah
High end 360
Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:45pm

Ghost righten the high end

High end


Ghost feeling dole pitchen

Got DAT dope

Flowing like water u sea dis
Vampire da beat in theses
Cutting pieces

High End

Artis email subject

So what is your subject

.yea man I'm login email in like high end
Look at my high end message my two bitch
16 I'm. Grinden max like I'm Payne man



I'm tryna find Molly

High end

Vampire ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Vampire ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Got DAT sauce A1 cutting steak
No perticapating lonley side getting payed

But my eyes closed yea I flip flows water


... money mu...az ... what you think my mind man my mind

Listen I don't care how you put it just listen to high end

16 bars weight it out

.................... . chypha

.illkill any one of you wit it



Tryna read shit bighten as mu...az


Take this

Message code vs setile wit da flow
Money Bank yea you know Cash hold
Flip lo like a ground circle
Triangle da globe
Got DAT blow crystal loud


Ima deposit
Shittin money like what da ...
Pull da hat da rabbit


Money da logic
Get cash like deposit
Feeling my nocking
No question like why bitch
Man ima convect
Trained grounds some army shit
Grippen da acid
Leather and plastic

360 180

Number like 7


No question I'm flying
High like a dragon
Yea I be lighten
You suckas be bighten
Focuz on try again
Must need a budget
Flow I be crushin
Yo bitch be suckin
Pussy Im crushin
You eating deposit
Dump off like da trash bitch
Yo flow is trash bitch
She working wit Ki End
You worried bout kye end
Fire lime Ki End
Heating da climate
Cranking and sizen
Bag da shit like Osama did




I'm on some wild shit
Bust heads with da 4 5th
Money da object
Crazy man no question

Higher than a kite

Mind floating money thinking flippin 16 like I'm written typin mind focusing holding cards spade playing on my end

Indiana Jones flow tomb raider heart as gold
Yea they searching in a ...ing tomb

Hotter than ki end
Dragon I'm flying
Blowing on ki end
I'm blazing
So hot amazing
Hotter than Cajun
Look man I'm Ki End

Look man IM KI End
Fire like Cajun so hot man Amazing

16 be blazing

Killah b on a nigga

    • Re: High end 360 | Anonymous, Fri Sep 14 8:41pm
      Look thanx for the support though I do this I was playing around see who would look Battle wise I flip scripts Story line Spoke this No bout how to get it in typin or booth you kinda new aren't ya?... more
    • nice effort | j, Fri Aug 17 12:25pm
      Try working on some wordplay ... multis ... metas Alot of the lines seem very basic Which on a track can be disguised with a sicm flow and catchy beat ... not when just writing tho ...
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