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fantastically fictional facebook fables
Thu Sep 6, 2018 8:00am

Fantastically fictional facebook fables
Dramatically dramatised for the likes n loves of strangers
Fantasy, reality collide then everyones a hater
Neurologically fantasize and lead your lyin ass to danger
Time to dry your eyes or expose the scales of the gator
Lies crack the disguise of ya tales it'll break quick
Revealing in time how you turned n blamed ya saviours
And acted out of line with behaviour of the strangest
Now youre twisted blind runnin with underage and spaced kids
Cos nobody in the right mind, can put up with the facelifts
Its fake shit,
internet mate shit
hate shit,
coked off ya face shit,
no food on ya plate shit,
pain shit, pass the blame shit,
But in the end its just brainless
Direction is aimless, actions are shameless,
funny how the game switch,
funny how you lane switched
I guess your pain got to ur brain n made u change quick
But your black heart wont colour me
...my soul is stainless...


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