wickless candles
Tue Jul 24, 2012 23:31

They are candles that are made without the wicks and you put them on a candle warmer. Good for home or office. Where you can't light a candle.

  • Re: Wickless CandlesBeth, Mon Jul 23 10:58
    Yes, the fragrance and wax will have to bind and cure together for the be scent throw. Hope they work out for you! Beth
    • wickless candles — Rachel, Tue Jul 24 23:31
    • Re: Wickless CandlesTeri, Tue Jul 24 00:53
      I have never seen wick less candles, what are they?
      • Wick less candlesJerry Austin, Tue Jul 24 07:56
        What is a wick less candles and how do you make one? Never heared of one.