Jerry Austin
Re: wickless candles
Thu Jul 26, 2012 08:23

So the candle jars and mugs are safe to put on a candle warmer? Cause I would like to try some of these also.
I make the the baby one in the 2 oz jars just to set in the nursing home so that the ladies can enjoy without burning. Cause they are not allowed to burn or have a warmer.
Thanks I just want to make sure that the jars and mugs are safe to put on a warmer.

  • wickless candlesPatty, Wed Jul 25 07:19
    I have people that order wickless to use in candle warmers or on mug warmers. They cant have a open flame in some offices so this is how they freshen the office.
    • Re: wickless candles — Jerry Austin, Thu Jul 26 08:23