Hello everyone! Its been a long time!
Fri Jul 27, 2012 20:43

Hello ! Long time no see lol I have had so much going in my life that I missed all of you. I use to get on here and read your post. I'M BACK!!!:) lol
Oh, and I joined a 90 day Challenge first part of July and Lost 9 pounds so far! I am feeling great. I'm in the mood to make more candles!
I will be ordering bears off of you soon.
I do have a candle question. I want to make the soy candles. I do not want anything that frosts on top . I want it to be creamy and holds fragrance. I have smelled soy before and smell the chalky soy wax- I want to smell the fragrance not the wax!. I have smelled other peoples soy candles and they are so strong scented...What soy wax should I use in 16oz jars , and what wick works best?

    • SoyBeth, Tue Jul 31 12:09
      Hi Angie and welcome back! And congrats on losing weight! I would try our any of our soy waxes GF415. GW444 or GW464 all work well and have a great scent throw. Many times the tops to come out a... more