Fundraiser Scents!!
Mon Sep 17, 2012 20:16

I pour a Cinnamon Vanilla and all that smell it love it!!! The Caremel Nut is one that I can not keep either!! I wish you good luck with the Fundraiser!!

  • Fundraiser ScentsInspirational Scents, Fri Sep 14 17:30
    Can I get some suggestions on some scent to offer for a fundraiser? It is a Fall/Holiday one. So far I'm thinking Spiced Cranberry, Cinnamon, Bahama Breeze(Butt Naked). Any and all suggestions will... more
    • Fundraiser Scents!! — Patty, Mon Sep 17 20:16
      • Re: Fundraiser Scents!!Inspirational Scents, Sun Sep 23 22:36
        Thanks Patty, That does sound good. I am going to have to try that one.
    • Scentsclaire, Sat Sep 15 10:40
      I would do french vanilla and maybe a pumpkin one as well. Winter hug smells sooooo good and you could call it something else.
      • Re: ScentsInspirational Scents, Sat Sep 15 18:14
        Thanks Claire, French Vanilla will be one I forgot to put it on there.