F-111.net on Facebook
Fri Jan 29, 2010 19:38

F-111.net Facebook page is a new companion forum for www.F-111.net and the F-111 community. Our mission is to preserve the history of all F-111s and pay tribute to the United States Air Force & Royal Australian Air Force veterans who lost their lives.

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    • FB-111A.net on FacebookPhilippe Colin, Sat Jan 30 08:32
      And FB-111A.net is on Facebook as well. A complement to the website where the updates will be posted as well. Very easy to locate on Facebook. Search for FB-111A.net.
    • Re: F-111.net on FacebookWebmaster F-111.net, Fri Jan 29 19:40
      (I forgot to clarify, that I'm the webmaster of F-111.net, not webmaster of FB-111A.net)
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