First FB loss
Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:45

The earliest FB Crash I can find was 68-0283 and occurred on January 8th, 1972 into the North Shore of Lake Ponchatrain, Manderville, LA (sadly, despite ejecting, the crew were killed). Was this the first loss, or was there an earlier one?

    • fb crashBILL KIME, Wed Jul 28 18:43
      I was stationed at Carswell AFB when this crash happened. The aircraft was on its acceptance flight from GD when it went down. I flew on a C-130 after the crash looking for the FB. It took almost a... more
      • FB-111A LossesWebmaster, Thu Jul 29 04:02
        68-0253 was the first FB-111A mishap on - October 07, 1970. 340th BG Carswell AFB, TX. Lt Col. Robert S. Montgomery Lt Col. Charles G. Robinson The loss of 68-0283 is the second Mishap, and the one... more
        • fb-111a lossesBILL KIME, Thu Jul 29 12:04
          I knew there was another one that went down, but I could not remember the time frame. I arrived at Carswell before they had accepted any fb. I went through the sitting on the tarmac running... more
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