jim keller
location of circuit breaker
Tue Jul 20, 2010 18:47

Can anyone tell me where on the airplane (F-111A) is the circuit breaker "Nuclear Weapons Station 6" ? I found the c/b tag at a crash site near Carp, NV, and am trying to verify that it was an F-111A that I found.

The Wings Over the Rockies museum at Denver kindly allowed me to open the circuit breaker panels in the cheeks of the aircraft but I could not find it there or in the wheelwells.

Thanks for any help.

    • Re: location of circuit breakerBob Verrier, Thu Oct 23 18:22
      Depends, they are in different locations on the various models as far as I know. On the FB which is probably the one you were looking at in Wings Over the Rockies, it would be on the aft bulkhead of... more
      • location of circuit breakerJim R, Mon Nov 24 10:53
        On the FB-111A, this circuit breaker should be on a small white box, on the aft bulkhead of the weapons bay, behind where the right missile/bomb would be loaded. It's been a long time since I've done ... more
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