fb-111a losses
Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:04

I knew there was another one that went down, but I could not remember the time frame. I arrived at Carswell before they had accepted any fb. I went through the sitting on the tarmac running simulations for hours. There were two other incidents as I recall. One was across the lake from the runway and the other was a main gear would not come down. The pilot set the plane down very gently with minimal damage.

  • FB-111A LossesWebmaster, Thu Jul 29 04:02
    68-0253 was the first FB-111A mishap on - October 07, 1970. 340th BG Carswell AFB, TX. Lt Col. Robert S. Montgomery Lt Col. Charles G. Robinson The loss of 68-0283 is the second Mishap, and the one... more
    • fb-111a losses — BILL KIME, Thu Jul 29 12:04
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