Jim Murray
Ejection Capsule 243
Tue Jan 4, 2011 15:56

I was her Crew Chief from 78-82 SSGT U.S.A.F. She was a good bird spent a lot of hours on her had her down to one wright up for a minor part they could not get.

  • 68-0243Randy "Voo" Voorhees, Tue Jan 4 11:03
    I'll ask around. What is your interest in this particular capsule? Where you military? Branch and position? Randy
    • Ejection Capsule 243 — Jim Murray, Tue Jan 4 15:56
      • 0243Voo, Tue Jan 4 16:10
        Well, thank you for your service. I will email around to see if I can find out where she is. Unfortunately, I can tell you where her body is resting--Kirby, Vt., now a golf course, I've been told,... more
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