Tom Wiles
Fri Oct 25, 2013 12:24

I had the pleasure of being crewed with Tom. During our nuclear cert, Tom was asked "Major Wiles, you have ejected and are floating down in the capsule, what would you do next?" Tom reached into his boot and pulled out his 18 " Rambo knife and answered "I should have Kirkman cut into steak sized pieces before the capsule lands. I will use the capsule parachute to wrap and pack the Kirkman steaks and should be able to live off him for months....." The very professional cert staff tried to maintain their composure but couldn't and laughed until tears came. They wrapped up the cert quickly after that.

The last Wiley sighting was at a Little America Truck stop in WY by one of us FB-111 Crewmwmbers years ago, don't remember who. Tom was driving an old pickup truck. My online research found an OH plant operator/engineer with Wiles complete name who could have been him, but plant was defunct. Not a member of Red River Rats on last check.

Cheers All
Bill Kirkman

  • Wiley CayoteClark McCurdy, Tue Jun 22 07:45
    I have been wondering the same thing every now and then. I flew with him on an occasion here at pease AB, either local training sorties or deliveries to McClellan AFB in Cal......and yes, he was a... more
    • Tom Wiles — Bill Kirkman, Fri Oct 25 12:24
      • Tom WilesTom McClellan, Sat Oct 26 10:06
        Wiley Coyote was very special. Thanks for the story - it is good to remember the unique FB players. For every one who met Tom for the first time, the knife would come out. He described it's primary... more
      • Tom WilesRene Dreiling, Sat Oct 26 07:12
        I ran into Wiley in Hays Kansas a couple of years ago at the Hampton Inn. I got on the elevator to head down to breakfast and he was on the elevator too. We finally realized that we knew each other.... more
    • Wiley CoyoteTom McClellan, Tue Jun 22 08:32
      The knife had two purposes, to stick offending pilots and to keep him from falling over ...
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