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SRAM "Flight Modes"
Tue Nov 5, 2013 12:14

I'm not quite sure what you mean by the "flight modes" of the SRAM. The right-seater selected a specific missile using the SCP (Stores Control Panel) by his right knee. Just below the SCP, he had a SRAM panel, which had other selction knobs and status indicators for him to use, to monitor and control that selected missile. The missile itself, had its specific flight programs loaded prior to flight (or being cocked on to ALERT status), using an archaic punched-hole paper tape reader (not a great piece of technology for use in the wind, rain and especially the snow). It was almost as bad as trying to "jerk a FIRT" in bad weather.

  • SRAMTom, Thu Oct 24 06:06
    Where were its flight modes selected, please?
    • SRAM "Flight Modes" — jwr2003b, Tue Nov 5 12:14
      • Re: SRAM "Flight Modes"Anonymous, Thu Nov 7 04:06
        ..I meant its flight profiles like "Ballistic", "Semi-Ballistic" etc. And could you also explain me the knob positions "CAE" and "Class I, II, III", please? And could it be fired at multiple targets... more
        • Re: SRAM "Flight Modes"Anonymous, Fri Nov 8 04:52
          - Could each missile be programmed a certain target and a certain flight profile? - When did the missile's countdown set in and how long was it? - Had the pilot's wpn rel btn to be pressed for the... more
          • Re: SRAM "Flight Modes"Tom, Tue Feb 18 07:39
            Would like to come back again to my question with regard to the flight profiles of the SRAM. In the book F-111: Success in Action just these flight profiles are mentioned on p.67: Inertial, Semi -... more
          • SRAM ProgrammingJim, Tue Nov 12 16:52
            The SRAM (AGM-69/A) was usually programmed, using a tape reader, which loaded the targetting information into the Master Data Computer (MDC). Aircraft geo-position data was fed to the MDC through the ... more
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