Tim McAnallen
Hyd. Fluid
Sat Nov 9, 2013 23:00

Pretty sure it was Mil-H-5606

  • Hydraulic FluidAnne Mousseau, Wed Apr 27 14:55
    I was a member of and discharged from 380 FMS (SAC) Plattsburgh AFB, NY. I was an A/C Hydraulic/Pneumatic Specialist. My question is: Does anyone know the specific name or brand of hydraulic fluids... more
    • Hyd. Fluid — Tim McAnallen, Sat Nov 9 23:00
    • hydrastical fluidTC Crandall, Sat Nov 2 08:17
      was MIL. spec 7808
      • Re: hydrastical fluidTC crandall, Sat Nov 2 09:56
        woops ,Ithink it was 5606. 7808 was engine oil. Howerver we were told it was highly carcinneogenic(spelling?)(caused cancer)
    • Mil Std 5606Jim Murray, Thu Apr 28 08:15
      I don't recall the names on the cans. I do remember at least 3 different companies made the stuff. It was Mil/Std 5606.
      • Hydraulic FluidAnne Mousseau, Thu Apr 28 18:38
        Thank You for the info. I truly appreciate it. I am trying to research any long-term exposure effects from working with this material.
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