Arnie Johnson
Tue Dec 24, 2013 06:14

I was a Nav/Radar Nav/Bombardier (Instructor) in in B-52D & G and FB-111A with approximately 5,000 hours flying time.

  • Re: AimingTom, Mon Dec 23 03:20
    ..with how many hrs. ?
    • Aiming/Hours? — Arnie Johnson, Tue Dec 24 06:14
      • Re: Aiming/Hours?Anonymous, Fri Dec 27 07:26
        ..does a heading error play a role ? So the offsets are selected one by one, updated and entered ?
        • Re: Aiming/Hours?Arnie Johnson, Fri Dec 27 19:48
          Heading error definitely plays a role! The heading for the B-52D & G was derived from magnetic unless you were in an area that magnetic would reek havoc on heading such as near the magnetic pole.... more
          • Re: Aiming/Hours?Anonymous, Thu Jan 2 05:22
            Would you answer my other questions yet, please ?
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