Re: SRAM "Flight Modes"
Tue Feb 18, 2014 07:39

Would like to come back again to my question with regard to the flight profiles of the SRAM. In the book F-111: Success in Action just these flight profiles are mentioned on p.67: Inertial, Semi - Ballistic, Terrain Sensor and Combined. Now what's true, please ?

  • Re: SRAM "Flight Modes"Anonymous, Fri Nov 8 04:52
    - Could each missile be programmed a certain target and a certain flight profile? - When did the missile's countdown set in and how long was it? - Had the pilot's wpn rel btn to be pressed for the... more
    • Re: SRAM "Flight Modes" — Tom, Tue Feb 18 07:39
    • SRAM ProgrammingJim, Tue Nov 12 16:52
      The SRAM (AGM-69/A) was usually programmed, using a tape reader, which loaded the targetting information into the Master Data Computer (MDC). Aircraft geo-position data was fed to the MDC through the ... more
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