Bob Verrier
Giant Sword
Wed May 20, 2015 16:35

1985 was the first year in which the FB-111 could win Giant Sword. What not too many know is that, even though both Pease and Plattsburgh fielded a load team for the competition each year, they were never going to win. MSET had decided that the one missile/bomb load on an external pylon was way too easy and gave them unfair advantage over the B-52 crews. After the 1984 Load Comp those of us on SAC staff convinced MSET to change the load configuration for the FB-111 units. 1985 was the first year for the dual load internal/external load for FBs to equalize the playing field. This in not meant to take away from your feat of winning, because you certainly deserved the win. Being on staff, and the FB-111 Weapons System Manager at HQ SAC/LGWC, it was great to finally see an FB-111 unit win. Being from Plattsburgh AFB, I was hoping they would do it. But non the less, it was a great to see you guys win it the first year you could.

  • 1st to win giant swordrich grzela, Sun May 17 15:04
    Where are all my buddies from 1985 giant sword team.. we paved the way. We won.
    • Giant Sword — Bob Verrier, Wed May 20 16:35
      • eMailJim Rusch, Thu May 21 10:14
        Bob, can you send me an email? Jim (
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