Mark Roberts
Kittery FD Response to crash
Thu Oct 22, 2015 17:29

I was a teacher at RW Traip academy at the time of the crash as well as a member of the Kittery F.D. I heard the crash and saw the mushroom cloud. I rushed to the KFD station and was aboard our mutual aid truck which left the station the second we were called. Kittery arrived first to the scene and I was amazed at what I saw, nothing that resembled an aircraft, multiple buildings and cars on fire and the smell of jet fuel everywhere.
Many companies soon arrived on the scene and the teamwork was a common exercise of these men who limited the damage as best we could.

It was a horrible and great day.

  • FB-111A Pease AFB crash of 31 Jan 1981Jack Goterch, CPO, USN(Ret), Fri Aug 24 18:12
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    • Kittery FD Response to crash — Mark Roberts, Thu Oct 22 17:29
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