Re: Watched it go down...
Sat Jan 30, 2016 23:08

Mr Sylvia,

I remember you and Mac at the shop .. You were into drawing sail boats at the time... I recall you wanting to move to Conn..

Marshall Rader

  • Watched it go down...marks 382, Fri May 7 08:51
    I was stationed at Pease at the time in the 509th FMS in the Structural Repair (sheet metal) shop. A co-worker and I had spent the day in Boston and were coming up I-95 just about to take the exit... more
    • Re: Watched it go down... — Anonymous, Sat Jan 30 23:08
    • Re: Watched it go down...Anonymous, Sat Jan 30 22:58
      Hello Mark My name is Marshall. I was your room mate at barraks 80...
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