Larry Gurnett
Paul Cushing
Wed Mar 9, 2016 17:24

Hi Bob, I was with The 509 MMS and live in the Barrack across from Paul room. We still keep in touch! Good memory's!

  • Pease AFB MMS 1978-1982Bob Terry, Fri Mar 6 10:01
    I was with SAC (MMS) as a Missle Sys Analyst from 78 -82 - lived in the barracks & miss the mid night chow! Would love to reconnect with some of the gang.
    • Paul Cushing — Larry Gurnett, Wed Mar 9 17:24
    • I think I remember you...Adam Pittman, Wed Aug 12 09:15
      Your name sounds familiar, I lived in the barracks also.
      • Re: I think I remember you...Tim 'Mac' McAnallen, Mon Aug 17 19:23
        Was at PAFB from 76-78. Was 2nd shift expeditor in blue section. Lived in barracks #2046 for a short time then moved to d/t Plattsburgh. I worked under Scotty Lozier.
      • GreetingsAnonymous, Thu Aug 13 10:33
        Hey Adam hope all is well with you. Live in Georgia - Home town of Griffin; we visit Pease ecery year or so. Good to hear from you; Terry
    • AISCJerry Gierach, Sat Mar 7 12:58
      I was there from 80 to 88. 31670T. Back in Wisconsin. Jerry
      • Pease AFBTerry, Mon Mar 9 10:18
        Hey Jerry I do recall your name "Gierach" I am Terry from Georgia. Drove a 68 Camaro Green & Gold; I actually think I have a picture of you in a small photo album - may be wrong. A few of the guys... more
        • Pease AFBGary Aney, Tue Feb 22 19:03
          I was there in the 509th Bonb wing, I was in charge of the Tank Farm for the FB111A. I was there between 73-78
        • Re: Pease AFBAnonymous, Mon Mar 9 20:27
          Not bad, how about you?
          • bookJoe Longey, Fri Mar 13 07:59
            I'm writting a book about my service in the Air force. I need to know how to contact ike rohr, anyone know his contact info.?
            • bookjoe longey, Fri Mar 13 08:00
              Sorry, I need info on Mike Rohr
      • Me tooMark Sadler, Sun Mar 8 10:31
        I was at P Burgh 1980-1985. Hey Jerry how are you? I'm living in San Antonio now and teaching at a college. Mark aka Mangler
        • Re: Me tooAnonymous, Mon Mar 9 11:08
          Mark Sadler I rememeber you; It is Bob Terry - Do I recall riding around in the old Step Van freezing our butts off! Or does my memory continue to fail?
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