A. F. Saiz
FB-111Crash at Clinton County Airport
Mon Jan 29, 2018 14:21

I was stationed at PAFB, Transportation Squadron late 1972-'76. I believe it happened in late in 1974. And within a couple of weeks a pair of FB-111s wing clipped on a training flight over Lake Champlain. Crews survived, planes not. This was all after the the Wing won the Fairchild Trophy for bombing and navigation. The Wing commander who turned around our previously mediocre performance and who returned holding high the Fairchild Trophy could not have imagined those two accidents right on the heels of such an achievement. You can't write this stuff.

  • 68-0259 at Clinton County Airport?Jim Rusch, Thu Dec 8 12:21
    This incident might have happened in 1972, but there was indeed an FB-111A that landed by mistake at Clinton County Airport (KPLB), near Plattsburgh AFB, NY (KPBG), I think in 1979 or 1980 while I... more
    • FB-111Crash at Clinton County Airport — A. F. Saiz, Mon Jan 29 14:21
    • 1972 Correct Year \ Pilot NameSSgt. Barth - 380th OMS - 70\72, Fri Dec 9 07:54
      Thank you for the information. The B-52 at Wurtsmith report was a miracle...this info. was amazing. The year was definitely 1972. I was relieved of duty before shipping out to RAF Mildenhall. My... more
      • BlewittRoger Martin, Mon Dec 12 16:36
        If it's the same Major Blewitt, John Blewitt flew out of Plattsburgh, but didn't get onto the program until after 1975. I'm going to guess it was about 76-77. The Clinton County Airport incident... more
        • Re: BlewittJim Rusch, Tue Dec 13 09:38
          I arrived at Plattsburgh in Oct 1977, and this incident occurred well after that. I think it was late 1978 or 1979, maybe even 1980 before I started flying out of Clinton County Airport with... more
          • Blewittroger Martin, Wed Dec 14 13:28
            Darn. I keep on hitting the Enter button, and weird things happen. The Clinton County incident was told to us at CCTS when I first got there in 75, partly as an object lesson on what to avoid. So,... more
            • Re: BlewittJim Rusch, Wed Dec 14 15:50
              Yeh, I'm reaching waaaaay waaay back into a foggy memory bank, and realize that 68-0259 didn't get damaged by landing at Clinton County Airport at all, but while out at Red Flag with the 380th. As I... more
              • Re: Blewittroger martin, Wed Dec 14 18:01
                Yup. I was at that Red Flag. And it was a B-43 training shape. John was also the guy who punched out over the Allagash. A tree stump came up through the capsule between John's legs. A real hard-luck... more
                • Clinton County Airport IncidentBrian Hathaway, Thu Dec 15 17:50
                  I was a Maintenance Officer at Pease from 1973 to 1976, and I recall seeing the USAF Accident Report with the photo of the FB-111A sitting in the trees at Clinton County Airport, with one of the... more
                  • Clinton County Airport Incidentroger martin, Thu Dec 15 19:04
                    You might want to see this site: http://www.fb-111a.net/Frankenvark.html
                    • Clinton Cnty Arpt - 1972 - PositiveSSGT BARTH\380 OMS\70-72, Fri Dec 16 08:05
                      I am happy my posting created this dialog. Enjoyed the link to Frankenvark...very good article. Sooner or later we should have the straight scoop on the P-burgh incident. (It was definitely fall of... more
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