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Family Picture
Thu Aug 27, 2009 02:54

    • love itAnonymous, Sun Aug 1 15:46
      shes bending down. Now if she would just bend over.
    • Re: Family PictureEily, Thu Aug 27 06:00
      Thanks.. We finally get to see a photo of little Harper. Olivia has gotten so big! I'm guessing the brunette woman in the nanny?
      • Re: Family PictureAnonymous, Thu Aug 27 08:53
        That is not Olivia... It's matt camerons kid and wife.
        • Re: Family PictureEily, Thu Aug 27 23:14
          So the little girl and the baby in the photo are not Ed and Jill's daughters then?
          • Re: Family PictureAnonymous, Fri Aug 28 05:05
            It's definitely Harper. Look at the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7AC4Bdt50Q . She is wearing a blue shirt on the video and in the picture. I can't really tell if the older girl is Olivia.
            • Re: Family PictureEily, Fri Aug 28 05:07
              Each time I see a photo of Olivia she has grown and changed a lot. As far as I know Matt's children are a lot older than the two in the photo.
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