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No Subject
Wed Jul 10, 2013 09:52

Guess watching 9 people die wasn't enough for Pearl Jam to end mosh pits. Would like to know the financial breakdown of how much more $$ they can make with pits versus reserved seating. Or is this just a mid-life crisis where they want to look out and feel young again? At the fan's expense.....

    • Re: No SubjectEily, Wed Jul 17 02:18
      They've been doing festivals for a few years now and in case you didn't know the last Australian tour in 2009 was GA only for Ten Club members. I was second from the rail and it was fine.. any sign... more
      • Re: No SubjectBunch, Wed Jul 17 10:13
        Yeah, I'm aware they've been doing festivals, and I've followed tours in Australia. The pits are much nicer there - people don't get as rough. Same in Europe, usually, though a few places got bad.... more
        • Re: No SubjectEily, Thu Jul 18 01:24
          Well there was this one crazy guy at the Brisbane, Australia show in 2009 who wanted us to give him a leg up so he could get on stage to see Eddie. Anyway we refused so he moved on. Five minutes... more
          • Re: No SubjectBunch, Thu Jul 18 10:06
            Guess there are occasional loonies everywhere. I really loved Australia, just wish the plane ride wasn't so long! My big moment down there was flying between cities, and Eddie sat next to me on the... more
            • Re: No SubjectEily, Fri Jul 19 17:31
              I would have thought Eddie would be sitting next to his bodyguard if he was flying on a public plane?
              • Re: No SubjectBunch, Sat Jul 20 09:59
                No, in fact, Kelly Curtis is so cheap, they put Pete (the head of security) in coach class.
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