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Re: No Subject
Thu Jul 18, 2013 01:24

Well there was this one crazy guy at the Brisbane, Australia show in 2009 who wanted us to give him a leg up so he could get on stage to see Eddie. Anyway we refused so he moved on. Five minutes later we saw him on the other side of the rail being marched off the premises by security.


  • Re: No SubjectBunch, Wed Jul 17 10:13
    Yeah, I'm aware they've been doing festivals, and I've followed tours in Australia. The pits are much nicer there - people don't get as rough. Same in Europe, usually, though a few places got bad.... more
    • Re: No Subject — Eily, Thu Jul 18 01:24
      • Re: No SubjectBunch, Thu Jul 18 10:06
        Guess there are occasional loonies everywhere. I really loved Australia, just wish the plane ride wasn't so long! My big moment down there was flying between cities, and Eddie sat next to me on the... more
        • Re: No SubjectEily, Fri Jul 19 17:31
          I would have thought Eddie would be sitting next to his bodyguard if he was flying on a public plane?
          • Re: No SubjectBunch, Sat Jul 20 09:59
            No, in fact, Kelly Curtis is so cheap, they put Pete (the head of security) in coach class.
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