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Re: question for jonas or bunch
Wed Jul 31, 2013 00:09

It's been a long time since I was following tours, but they used to stay at a lot of Four Seasons. Mike told me they got a 15% discount because they did so much business with them. I know when they used to play that shed venue about halfway between Boston and Providence, they stayed in Boston, not Providence, even though the latter was a bit closer. People tell me they've tightened up on the backstage passes in recent years. In 2000 they were pretty generous with them, but not so much anymore from what I've heard. An old trick for finding the right hotel was to call around and ask for Kelly Curtis or their old tour manager Eric. Those guys were under their real names since they aren't "famous". The band is usually under aliases that change.

  • question for jonas or bunchAnonymous, Tue Jul 30 13:17
    ok, hoping for some insider info. going to see PJ twice at same location. would love some info on where they stay, lockdown passes, or any other pertinent info. just getting older now and may be one... more
    • Re: question for jonas or bunch — Bunch, Wed Jul 31 00:09
      • Re: question for jonas or bunchAnonymous, Wed Jul 31 12:00
        Thanks Bunch, you rock. That place was called tweeter center, then great woods, now comcast center in mansfield ma. They broke curfew there some time back and had a falling out i believe so dont play ... more
        • Re: question for jonas or bunchBunch, Wed Jul 31 22:33
          Yeah, Great Woods, that's it. Yes, if I hear something I'll pass it on. Good luck - they're nice to meet and talk to. Of course, there is always waiting by the drop off area backstage when their van... more
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