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Re: No Subject
Wed Aug 7, 2013 13:34

who is her sister? can you tell me rather than have me digging?

  • Re: No SubjectBunch, Wed Aug 7 09:49
    I've seen some wedding pictures and stuff on the internet that came from Jill's sister's site. Wouldn't try to contact them, though.
    • Re: No Subject — Anonymous, Wed Aug 7 13:34
      • Re: No SubjectBunch, Thu Aug 8 00:37
        I'll try to find it. Someone sent me the pictures last year. They also had posted pictures inside Ed's house of the children. Offhand, I can't remember the sister's name, but I'll look.
        • Re: No SubjectAnonymous, Fri Aug 9 20:48
          I found Jill's Facebook page once. But it is set up so that you can't send messages or friend requests.
          • Re: No SubjectBunch, Wed Aug 14 11:47
            I checked the sister's pages, and they are closed down now, too. PJ management must have asked them to be private.
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