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Re: hey bunch
Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:45

Well, I'm really shocked by how much scalpers are asking for Pearl Jam now. I remember buying a pair of front row center for the United Center in Chicago in '98, and I mean these were the two best seats in the house, for $1500 for the pair. Now they'd want $4000 for those seats. I don't really have a good line on a particular broker, partly because everything is listed on ebay and stubhub now, and if you go to the ticket sites online, they almost all share the same list of available tickets. If you're local, Jules at Pacific NW Tickets on Mercer Island is great to work with, but the tix are still pricey, no getting around it. Of course, there is always waiting for release tickets which can be good, but most PJ fans know about that, so competition can be fierce.

  • hey bunchAnonymous, Tue Aug 13 13:16
    where is the best place to get tickets these days. know any folks selling on the side or 'wont screw you' brokers?
    • Re: hey bunch — Bunch, Wed Aug 14 11:45
      • Re: hey bunchAnonymous, Wed Aug 14 12:11
        thanks for the input bunch. im thinking someone may make an appearance in Salem MA when they come to worcester to see damien. your thoughts?
        • Re: hey bunchBunch, Fri Aug 16 10:28
          Oh, yeah, that sounds like a high probability. I guess Eddie got Jason Baldwin a construction job here in Seattle.
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