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Holy Crap!
Sat Aug 17, 2013 20:02

You're all still here! I'm tempted to invite you lovelies for an end of summer beach vacation. Who's in? I'll make sure there's plenty of baked goods for all.

P.S. Anyone here hang out on xojane?

P.S.S. I haven't listened to Pearl Jam in years

P.S.S.S. It' be freakin fantastic if someone turned the content of this site over the years into a web series. It'd go viral in an instant and then we'd get our own reality show!

    • Re: Holy Crap! Eily, Sat Sep 14 22:57
      Hi Fatima, I still listen to Pearl Jam and am looking forward to the new album which is released next month. I'm seeing them play at a music festival in Australia next year. Can't wait!
    • Re: Holy Crap! Bunch, Mon Aug 19 18:29
      Hello, again! Not too much goes on here, but at least the viciousness has moved on. Are you going to PJ in December?
      • Re: Holy Crap! Anonymous, Tue Aug 20 10:32
        clicked on wrong reply bunch sorry. so continuing my surfing and noticed there are a few folks on linkedin as well. again surprised they are all out there. do you know by chance tim or simone?
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