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Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:49

Hmm. Well I have not hopped on to this site in months but I have something I really need to get off my chest right now, this I am returning just for this one time.

First things first-Fatima, your HOLY CRAP thread about making this site go viral & you becoming a "reality star" for lack of a better phrase is disheartening to say the least. You are also cr8zy on crack if you believe for a minute anyone would interested or curious enough to hear YOUR story on a regular basis. Don't try to ride on the coattails in the guys in PJ, honey. You'll just show your true colors which in REALITY are not very flattering.
The bulk of the posts on this site that have any shine were written by me and I've more or less no desire to be in the limelight.
I just came here to defend someone I 100% to the core care about.
I don't care if you or anyone for that matter know who I am in "reality" just know I exist & I'll set straight any person who attempts to over step the boundaries.

All that being said-
I read something yesterday on line @ pearljam.com in regards to Andy Wood, the PJ CIRCLE & Xana. Actually it was a link to Xana's blog and the post encompassed Xana's spin on Andy's death & the success of PJ.
She then went off on a variety of tangents though every thing sort of revolved around the fact that she is still horribly pained by Andy's passing.
She seems to believe (from what I surmised) that every one has outcasted her & somehow Ed is living the life Andy should have had.
That's what I got from her rant.
Overall, she is incredibly hurt & in some way, jaded.
She comes off as if something is owed to her but she went back & forth from talking as if she is owed $$$$ to she just wants a public apology?
Bottom line, she hasn't recovered yet from the pain of the loss. Of what COULD HAVE BEEN BUT WILL NEVER BE.

And it's all really sad.

To try to capitalize on the death of Andy is no better than trying to guilt trip the guys of PJ in to feeling as if they owe you time & again b/c they are where you are not.

Xana, you need to breathe deep, clear your heart & mind and really ALLOW yourself to heal instead of blaming others for what you do not have.
I thought it was incredibly unfair to post her blog on pearljam.com but apparently she felt justified in doing so?
They have since removed the post/link but still the damage is done.
Or perhaps that's all she needed was for someone out there to hear her pain...again.

Xana, look for the beauty inside your self rather than sit & waste away trying to hold on to the past.
Allow yourself to heal.
Find something innocent & pure to fill up your time with. Find something to nurture. Sharing that love will open your heart tremendously.
When that happens you will feel a tremendous amount of goodness within.

I wrote this out of love & respect.
Gotta run! The real world needs me.
I N F I N I T E * L O V E

    • Re: PASSION!Bunch, Wed Sep 18 21:45
      Do you think they would have been as "successful" with Andy Wood? I didn't know him or see him perform, but on video I get the impression that he was a bit of a holdover from the hair band era. Seems ... more
      • Re: PASSION!Anonymous, Wed Sep 18 23:17
        OMG! OMG! OMG! You are so off with who Andy was. Take a listen, watch the movie Malfunkshun and realize how awesome he was.
        • Re: PASSION!Bunch, Thu Sep 19 10:48
          OK, I will.
          • Re: PASSION!Anonymous, Thu Sep 19 12:17
            Everybody is playing a role. So who are you?????
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