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Wed Sep 18, 2013 21:45

Do you think they would have been as "successful" with Andy Wood? I didn't know him or see him perform, but on video I get the impression that he was a bit of a holdover from the hair band era. Seems like Eddie was a better man for the new trend in Seattle, which spread to the whole world. Andy seemed like Vince Neil or something.

  • PASSION!Anonymous, Mon Sep 16 11:49
    Hmm. Well I have not hopped on to this site in months but I have something I really need to get off my chest right now, this I am returning just for this one time. First things first-Fatima, your... more
    • Re: PASSION! — Bunch, Wed Sep 18 21:45
      • Re: PASSION!Anonymous, Wed Sep 18 23:17
        OMG! OMG! OMG! You are so off with who Andy was. Take a listen, watch the movie Malfunkshun and realize how awesome he was.
        • Re: PASSION!Bunch, Thu Sep 19 10:48
          OK, I will.
          • Re: PASSION!Anonymous, Thu Sep 19 12:17
            Everybody is playing a role. So who are you?????
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