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No Subject
Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:40

Seattle. The Home of Microsoft & gobs of computer geeks. With the right resources ($ & Insight) you can find out real fast how to manipulate this site to find out who posts what or how to send the curious on a wild goose chase.

That being said- every human being on this planet is dealt a had of cards from the get go. How you play your hand is your choice. If you are going to cry & bellyache over not getting dealt anything that is your choice. Plenty if folks have been given a bad hand & turned it around. Plenty have been dealt the opposite and lost it all over bad choices.

Some have an abusive parent. Some are fortunate enough to be from a great family. Some have strength of character & heart. Some just dwell on the hurdles or how difficult it is to overcome the setbacks. Ever individual makes choices.
You have to use your brain & heart to see the forest through the trees.

If you are loving, sooner or later, that love returns back to you.
If you place blame, sooner or later, the fact you are unable to forgive will destroy your life.
I would know b/c my granny never forgave my grandpa for an affair he had in the 1960s. The were married for +50 years and had 6 children together. They got married young (18&19). And she just could not forgive him, yet he loved her til the day she died. Refusing to leave her even though she held a grudge. They slept in separate bedrooms for atleast 30years.
And b/c of her bitterness or lack of responsibility to why my grandpa cheated- she died alone w/o her kids or grand kids by her side.

That's the result of not getting past the hurt.
At some point you need to forgive yourself as much as others.

Pearl Jam is a group of guys making art about life.
It's not my role or anyone else's to step on their toes b/c you fell slighted.

Play your hand and enjoy the experience. Make it count.
Unite with love. Do not divide with hate.

I suppose this is my FINAL post.

Thanks for listening with your heart & ears.

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