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Mon Nov 25, 2013 15:01

I wish I cared about foolish, childish gossip but I don't.
It serves no purpose but to hurt people and perpetuate untruths.

  • Re: Mind ManipulationAnonymous, Mon Nov 18 21:09
    Another girl. Good old Stoney
    • YAWN — Anonymous, Mon Nov 25 15:01
      • Re: YAWNget a grip, Sat Dec 28 23:32
        People get bored....and like to have some fun and take the piss out on people...especially grandiose celebs. if we had no gossip blogs, Eddie Vedder would be a bigger d bag.
        • BlissAnonymous, Thu Jan 2 19:51
          Ignorance is
      • Re: YAWNAnonymous, Fri Dec 20 05:49
        No-one here in gossiping. I simply asked a question..
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