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Re: No Subject
Wed Jun 4, 2014 17:33

I doubt it .. Jill came to Australia with Ed in January for the PJ festivsl shows and he mentioned her a lot at the solo shows in February.

Sean Penn is now dating Charlize Theron isn't he?

  • No SubjectAnonymous, Tue Apr 22 00:28
    i heard that Ed has split with Jill cos he spends too much time partying with Sean Penn in Hawaii......
    • Re: No Subject — Anonymous, Wed Jun 4 17:33
    • Re: No Subjectbunch, Tue Apr 22 17:15
      Sean split with his wife of several years. Wonder if this could be true. Jill will walk away with a nice settlement, I'm sure.
      • hey bunchAnonymous, Thu Apr 24 12:18
        hey bunch. good to see you on here. whats the word on us dates besides acl?
        • Re: hey bunchbunch, Thu Apr 24 18:07
          Hi there. I'm afraid I'm no help - been out of the loop for a while. Glad to see the Replacements are also on the Austin line-up.
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