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Re: Hi There
Tue Jun 17, 2014 04:24

Photo of Jill, Harper, Eddie and Olivia taken in January when PJ were in Australia for the Big Day Out festival.


Have never come across any photos of Mike's children. Has anyone here seen photos of them?

  • Hi ThereSuzie, Tue Jun 10 15:10
    I found this site around nine years ago and remember Bunch, SI, See Ya, Jonas, and many more. I posted all the time for about five years straight. I have loved PJ since I was in high school in the... more
    • Re: Hi There — Anonymous, Tue Jun 17 04:24
      • Suzie (nm)Is That Eddie Or Mark Ruffalo? ;), Wed Jun 25 14:47
        • Re: Suzie Anonymous, Sat Jun 28 20:22
          Ed's way better looking than Ruffalo!! ;)
    • Re: Hi ThereBunch, Wed Jun 11 10:15
      Hi, Suzie. The site is still up, but rarely gets much action. We need Eddie to start dating Lindsay Lohan or something so we can all bitch about it. Jill has turned out to be your average rock star... more
      • HiSuzie, Thu Jun 12 11:44
        Yeah I heard about Mike and Eddie's children are cute! I love Pearl Jam still and hope to see them soon. This place used to be unstoppable! lol
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