Scott Denkers, WRD Communications
RiverBlue update
Tue Jan 9, 2018 4:18pm

River proponents in western Canada are working to protect the endangered Interior Fraser Steelhead; one of the world’s most amazing fish, but also one that is literally on the brink of extinction. Attached is the recent global TV news segment in which Global TV’s environment reporter Linda Aylesworth interviews river and fish advocate, Mark Angelo. The support of well known actor, William Shatner, on the issue is also profiled and very much appreciated.

The acclaimed award winning film, RiverBlue, which has helped boost a major international movement to change one of the planet’s greatest polluters of rivers, is now available on multiple platforms for either rent or purchase. The film chronicles an unprecedented round-the-world river journey by Mark Angelo that ended up documenting the dark side of the global fashion industry, the second most polluting industry on Earth. The film screened this past year at major film festivals around the world, winning a series of prestigious awards in both the United States and Europe, including best documentary feature at the UK’s largest independent film festival, Raindance. To see the film, go to

We will contact you again in April as we start the countdown to World Rivers Day 2018, set for Sunday, September 23. The run-up to World Rivers Day this year will also promote important upcoming river-related events, including the 50th anniversary of the US Wild and Scenic Rivers Act (which was established in 1968), as well as the planned International Year of the Salmon set for the following year in 2019. Salmon regions range from Russia and Japan - to Canada and the US - to the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and various European countries.

Thanks again for your efforts and best wishes for the new year!

Scott Denkers, WRD Communications
World Rivers Day

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