Technical Writing for Environmental Professionals
Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:57am

The Natural Resources Training Group (NRTG) is pleased to announce a new course offering:

*Technical Writing for Environmental Professionals*

Want to take your technical writing skills to the next level?

This course is an exercise - and metric-based two-day workshop for staff responsible for writing within an organization. The course will effectively improve participantís writing and report organizational skills by presenting a toolbox approach to using words more effectively and presenting material in a more engaging manner.

Our course instructor, Sean Mitchell, PhD, is a consummate writer and professional author. Since 1987, Sean has worked in the field of biology and impact assessment. Over this time, he has authored more than fifty contract reports, two academic theses, and twenty-three professional, peer-reviewed papers. Further, Sean has written articles and short stories for non-professionals, and is currently working on three book projects (two non-fiction; one novel).

Upcoming course deliveries:

*North Vancouver, April 27-28th

*Kelowna, May 8-9th

*Prince George, May 22-23rd

*Courtenay, June 12-13th

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