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Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:21pm




Surrey, B.C.

The BC Wildlife Federation has released an updated version of the Conservation App for smartphones that will make it even easier to report any environmental abuse you might come across while enjoying the outdoors.

The BCWF Conservation App adds a time-stamp and geo-location to a picture or video of a violation, allowing you to categorize the incident and submit it to the appropriate enforcement agency with just a few clicks. The app makes it simple to report poaching, polluting, dumping or blocking access to public lands.

What's new?

The update improves the information the app provides to enforcement agencies. The app has the references and contacts you need to safely and efficiently protect wild places from harm.

Find the latest fishing and hunting regulations
Improved user interface
Better map detail
Easier to use offline
Simple to share

Be a Wildlife Warrior with the BCWF Conservation App!

British Columbia is a vast province; with a natural beauty that can easily be easily. That's why we're asking those who love the outdoors to help safeguard our public resources. Being a wildlife warrior means being the eyes and ears of our authorities and reporting actions you see that harm the water, land and the fish and wildlife that depend on them.

Download the APP and find out more HERE<<

Violation Types:

Some standard violation types have been identified to help direct the app to report to the appropriate enforcement agency, users and direct dispatchers. If you are unsure where the violation falls select the "Other" option.


Examples include; suspicious or illegal pumps in creeks, unauthorized water withdrawal/use, or reporting a watercraft (motorized or not) travelling into B.C. which has not been inspected for mussels

Environmental Pollution

Examples include: illegal dumping of household materials, dumping a foreign substance such as wastewater into a water body, or burning outside of permitted times or without a permit

Environmental Damage

Examples include: destruction of fish or riparian habitat, illegal road/trail construction, unauthorized off-road vehicle use, mud-bogging, dumping contaminated waste, or operating a motorized vehicle above elevation restrictions


Examples include; hunting out of season, hunting in a closed area, discharging a firearm in a no-shooting zone, hunting at night with the aid of a light. It could also be used to report activities such as attracting bears or interfering with a lawful hunt


Examples include; exceeding the daily quota of fish, angling during a closure, fishing with prohibited gear


This option is for reporting anyone engaged in salmon or saltwater poaching or infractions.

Blocking public access

Examples include; illegally fencing or gating public roads, illegally fencing Crown land, or blocking access to a public road by a vehicle


Examples include; when livestock are on land which does not have a grazing tenure, or after the take home date when livestock must be removed based on range use plans

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

This could include; users are operating in areas where snowmobiling or ATV use is closed (i.e.access management or caribou recovery areas). It could also include ATVs without license plates or users not wearing helmets.


This could include; illegal harvest of timber, unauthorized destruction of a forest service road, log theft, illegal use/damage of a recreation site, unlawful construction of a permanent structure.

The mobile app and website was created by the Spatial Information for Community Engagement (SpICE) Lab at the University of British Columbia Okanagan.

Support for this project was provided in part through the Okanagan Basin Water Board’s Water Conservation and Quality Improvement Grant Program and its public outreach and education program, Okanagan WaterWise.


For more information, please contact:

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