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Wed Oct 12, 2016 7:03am

Here is the media release:;jsessionid=b1420f417229e40fbd75ae76dbe8348091cf1ac43091af8c631f697aa3e12edf.e34Rc3iMbx8Oai0Tbx0SaxuRb3n0?mthd=advSrch&

Here is the main page for the Strategy (FSDS):

And the FSDS, in PDF:

Here’s how the EA and related reviews are reported (at page 10):


Conducting robust and thorough environmental assessments, respecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples, and implementing strong environmental legislation will support progress in all areas of the FSDS.

To advance these priorities, we launched a review of environmental and regulatory processes on June 20, 2016. Areas of focus for the review include:

Rebuilding trust in environmental assessment processes;

Modernizing the National Energy Board; and

Restoring lost protections and introducing modern safeguards to the Fisheries Act and the Navigation Protection Act.

In carrying out the review, we are working directly with Indigenous Peoples to ensure their concerns are heard and taken into account. We are also seeking input from provinces and territories, members of the public, and stakeholders such as industry and environmental groups.

Outcomes of the review are expected to include:

New, fair environmental assessment processes that are robust, incorporate scienti c evidence, protect our environment, respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples, and support economic growth;

An National Energy Board whose composition reflects regional views and that has suf cient expertise in such elds as environmental science, community development, and Indigenous Traditional Knowledge; and

Changes to legislation, as appropriate.


The only reference to Strategic EA (the Cabinet Directive) is at page 9:


Strategic environmental assessment helps us take environmental impacts into account when developing policy and making decisions.

Under the Cabinet Directive on the Environmental Assessment of Policy, Plan and Program Proposals, federal departments and agencies are expected to conduct a strategic environmental assessment for proposed policies, plans and programs going to a minister or Cabinet for approval, where implementation could result in important environmental effects.

With the 2016–2019 FSDS, we are reaffirming our commitment to applying strategic environmental assessment. For example, we are improving the guidance available to departments and we have improved the due diligence requirements to ensure that Cabinet Directive is being applied to Cabinet decision-making documents.

Our renewed commitment to strategic environmental assessment supports our promise to Canadians to make decisions based on evidence and to set a higher bar for openness and transparency in government.


Other references to EA:

page iii: "cross-cutting priorities such as ensuring robust and thorough environmental assessments, respecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples, and implementing strong environmental legislation will support progress in all areas of the FSDS."

page 2: "WHAT WE HEARD: … What you wanted to see … You supported a renewed emphasis on strategic environmental assessment—the environmental assessment of policy, plan and program proposals—as a way to ensure sustainability considerations are incorporated into social and economic policies.”

page 73: “The role of [federal] departments and agencies … includes …

Integrating environmental and sustainable development considerations into policy, plan and program development through strategic environmental assessment.”

page 76 (under “Performance Measurement”): “Departmental Sustainable Development Strategies: … are linked with core departmental planning and reporting processes, and include:

Information on departmental decision making and sustainable development practices, including implementation of strategic environmental assessment …”

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